proud partner of my sister's place! 

We have partnered with the amazing organization, My Sister's Place, to help them raise money and awareness. 

  Since 1976, My Sisters’ Place (MSP) has worked to end             violence in intimate relationships and combat the effects of     domestic violence and human   trafficking on women, men,       and children throughout Westchester County.  MSP has             evolved from a grassroots task force and drop-in center           into a leader and resource in the field of domestic violence     advocacy, shelter and  legal services and education and           prevention. Based on the tenet of taking a holistic approach     and addressing the root causes of family violence, MSP is       continually expanding in order to effectively respond to the    increasing and changing needs of individuals in crisis. MSP’s    mission is to engage each member of society in our work to    end domestic violence and human trafficking, so that all    relationships can embrace the principles of respect, equality,  and peacefulness.

With every purchase of a purple tassel, proceeds are split between the South Tribe and My Sister's Place! 






dash dash dot dash dash dash (or dash dot for short) was founded to provide women with functional, yet fashionable accessories for on-the-go-living. We are inspired by the hectic days of women who seek healthy lifestyles. Dropping your kids off at school, grabbing your morning coffee, fitting in a work out, running to a business lunch, and meeting friends for dinner are just a few of the many activities women squeeze into a day. Hannah Fastov, the founder of Dash Dot, understands the needs of a demanding schedule and designs her products to add ease and style for the new demographic of healthy hustlers.

  Our first product, the Infinity Bag, was born from personal experience and months of researching active women. Following a study of 111 women, ages 21-55, we saw strong themes emerge influencing our design.

The smart design of the Infinity bag, as well as our other designs, answer all the needs of a multifaceted and busy life. With only women on our factory assembly line, Dash Dot bags are made by women for women. 



We strongly believe in self empowerment so we have made an effort to give women this opportunity.  We have partnered with our factory in Dongguan, China to ensure all our handbags are assembled by women.